Dancewear Size Chart:




High Waist Shorts, Mid-Waist Shorts, Low Waist Booty Shorts

(measure around true hips) See Model

True Hips is Widest Part of Hips, Including Widest Part of Bottom

Child's M: 25 -26 inches (size 7-8 yrs)

Child's L: 27 to 28 inches (size 8-10 yrs)

Child's XL: 29 to 31 inches (size 10-12 Yrs)

Small Adult: 32 to 34 inches (size 12-14 Yrs)

Medium Adult: 35 to 37 inches (Size 14-16 yrs)

Large Adult: 38 to 41 inches (Size 16-18 yrs)


Briefs (measure around true hips. See Model 

Briefs (measure around widest part of butt)

Please be aware that our velvet briefs run bigger.

If in between sizes we would recommend going down a size.

Child's M: 27-29 inches 

Child's L: 30 to 31 inches

Child's XL: 32-33 inches 

Small Adult: 34 to 35 inches

Medium Adult: 36 to 38 inches



(Our Tops are normally bought as same or one size down from our shorts

and leggings depending on the cup size.)


For our Halter/Crop Tops (measure around the bust)

Child's Medium: 25-27 inch bust (with low coverage)

Child's Large: 28-29 inch bust (with up to a A cup)

Child's X-Large:30-32 inch bust (with up to B Cup) 

Small Adult-33-34 inch bust (with up to C Cup)


For our Adjustable Bra Tops (measure around the bust)

These Tops come in 2 sizes only

Size Medium: 26-31 inch chest (with low coverage up to an A cup)

Size Large: 32-37 inch chest (with up to a C cup)


For our Bikini Style Tops: (measure around bust)

Child's S: 24-25 inch chest(with low coverage)

Child's M: 26-27 inch chest (with low coverage)

Child's L: 28-29 inch chest (with AA to A Cup)

Child's XL: 30-32 inch chest (with A to B Cup)

Adult S: 33-34 inch chest (with B to C Cup)

Adult M: 35-36 inch chest (with up to C Cup)



(measure around widest part of the butt and leg inseam)
Child's S: 22-24 inch butt, 23 inch leg inseam

Child's M: 25-26 inch butt, 25 inch leg inseam

Child's L: 27-28 inch butt, 27 inch leg inseam

Child's XL: 29-31 inch butt, 29 inch leg inseam

Adult Small: 32-34 inch butt, 30 inch leg inseam

Adult Medium: 35-37 inch butt, 32 inch leg inseam 



(measure around bust, girth, widest part of butt)


Child's S: 25-26 inch butt, 42-43 inch girth, 24-25 inch bust

Child's S (Long): 25-26 inch butt, 46-48 inch girth, 24-25 inch bust


Child's M: 27-29 inch butt, 44-46 inch girth, 26-27 inch bust

Child's M (Long): 27-29 inch butt, 48-50 inch girth, 26-27 inch bust


Child's L: 30-31 inch butt, 47-49 inch girth, 28-29 inch bust

Child's L (Long): 30-31 inch butt, 52-54 inch girth, 28-29 inch bust


Child's XL: 32-33 inch butt, 50-52 inch girth, 30-32 inch bust

Child's XL (Long): 32-33 inch butt, 54-56 inch girth, 30-32 inch bust


Small Adult: 34-35 inch butt, 53-56 inch girth, 33-34 inch bust

Small Adult (Long): 34-35 inch butt, 58-60 inch girth, 33-34 inch bust


Medium Adult: 36-38 inch butt, 57-60 girth, 35-36 inch bust

Medium Adult (Long): 36-38 inch butt, 57-60 girth, 35-36 inch bust


*Please note*

This is a tentative size chart based on our measurements. Many fabrics stretch differently and may fit different.

If you have any questions or concerns with sizing, please contact us directly at:
on our Contact Page.

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