Let me introduce myself:


My name is Stella, I’m 16, and I live in the city of London in Great Britain, which was appropriately named because it is GREAT here.

I attend the Royal Academy of Dance where I am studying Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance and also for my GCSE's. I love everything about Dance! I love to write, take picture's, hang out with my friend's and of course shop till I drop.

I also swoon over all things beauty and fashion. Oh and pizza, can’t forget that. I spend most of my FREE time doing my own makeup, taking awkward selfies, and drinking tea in the soothing light of my computer and iPhone.


I am also slightly obsessed with Dance Moms, which i am hopelessly hunting for the next season of, and Taylor Swift, who i adore. I have every single album, and she continues to inspire me.


Here is the confusing part: I was born in America, and then moved to London when I was about two. My Dad’s family lives in England, and my Mom’s lives in California. So I’m half and half, like the coffee I’m not allowed to drink before bed. Unfortunately, I don’t remember moving because I was still bald, talked nonsense, and could barely walk. But i guess those were the good old days.

I continued to live in London and traveled back to the U.S every Christmas until I was six. Then, when I turned seven, we decided to move back to California, and spend time with my family there. We lived there for five years in a small but beautiful community called Laguna Beach, this is where I developed my American accent, my tan,  love for surfing and creativity, and the ocean. 


When I was 12, we wanted to visit England for the summer. We ended up loving it so much here while we were visiting and some opportunities were thrown my way so I decided to enroll in a performing arts school, and live here. It has now been four years and I have had to completley learn how to spell again and unfortunately, Ive lost the tan.


Since my roots are half American, and half British, It means I have two passports which will allow me to live or work anywhere in England or Europe, and anywhere in America. I have been so lucky to be able to travel to so many beautiful places and I wanted to share some of my experiences and inspirations with my friends and Family. This put the idea in my mind to create a Website where I could express my thoughts and creativity and sell beautiful products by talented Artitsts that I treasure. 

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading about Simply Stella so far, and there is a lot more to come. 


Lots of Love, 


Stella xo


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